Nick is a self-taught barber. It all started as a hobby when he was still in college, he used to cut his friends' hair and many of them ended up loving the results and some eventually paid him. As for today, Nick runs his own barber shop called Nick The Barbership in Panglima Polim. He applies private-intimate concept to his barber shop, thus his clients have to make a reservation upon using his service. Being a barber pushes him to keep his hygiene and to have good communication skills. 
Before pursuing his passion in barbering, Nick used to be a project manager in a brand activation agency until 2012. He resigned, and went travelling to India for a bit. Travelling and exercising are his favorite activities beside barbering; It is having a get-lost feeling that he likes from traveling, while he finds exercising stress-relieving and also keeping him healthy. Nick is a thoughtful person, especially in terms of his belongings. He pays attention to functionality and values meaningful brands. As a case in point, he uses Bellroy wallet which he favors for its compact design and practicality. 
Nick confesses that he has learned a lot from his job. The ever-changing trends and hairstyles push him to keep on learning and enhancing his skill in barbering. Nick has a vision to pay his part in the barber community by initiating a barber academy; He also wishes to branch out his barbershop to other places. Nick stated that being a barber has been his sole purpose in life.

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