Ade Safrina is a former economic journalist at CNBC Indonesia & Berita Satu TV. She handled scripts and news contents; does topic and background research; presenting, introducing, and hosting programmes. Now a mother — she finally decided to pursue more time in motherhood and nourishing her long time dreams, building her own ventures, DORM.ID & BerdayaKrui. Her morning routines are making breakfast for herself and her family, reading books, and meditation, after her daughter sleeps. She loves to eat fruits and drink tea for her breakfast. After work, she enjoy cultivating personal strength and inner-calm (yoga) as well as spending time with her families. She really love books, she can read 7-10 books in a month. 

Ade used to work at an NGO, and is now still active in some social organisation. “Sharing ideas and perspectives with new people is very important. You can solve problems and create great things by collaborating with others,” Ade said. For her, It is really important to create a positive impact on our society and inspire others to do the same. Once a journalist, and now an entrepreneurs, she is required to travel a lot and work mobile. “It is important to keep everything simple and practical,” Ade said. She is really considerate about fashion items that she uses daily. She loves fashion items that have understated elegance, elegance but not glamour. She is really mindful about the money that she spends. “You should really consider when you want to buy something. Ask yourself do i really need it, is it gonna solve my problem or not”. 

Despite her chaotic work schedule and everything that comes with it, she is the minimalist type of person. It is most likely everyone's nightmare to carry around big and bulky bags. Mid-size yet able to bear everything that she needs: laptop, mobile phone, wallet and personal essentials. She feels drawn to Bellroy wallets, specifically Note Sleeve . “Note sleeve is suitable for my daily life, it is functional, simple, and looks modern”.

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