Lucky is a fun, friendly, and casual person. He wears shorts and plain shirt, cycles everyday to his workplace at 7 Speed Coffee, and is a big foodie. Lucky comes from a family who conducts in the F&B business; Cooking has been his family’s culture so eventually it also drove him into becoming a chef himself. He has served in various prestigious restaurants and contributed to coffee bar set-ups in Bandung and Jakarta. Being a casual person, his favorite dishes to cook are the ones with simple procedures and ingredients such as steak, omelette, or PBJ. 
7 Speed Coffee —which Lucky co-owns, was established through his association in a cycling community. Located in Kemang, South Jakarta, 7 Speed Coffee becomes a place that attracts diverse communities to gather and enjoy the good quality food and coffee; Among them are cyclers, photographers, musicians, and coffee enthusiasts. Lucky thinks good food can connect people, it sparks conversation and acquaints him to new people. 
Lucky cares much about quality, whether it is the food he is making or the objects he is keeping. He is a practical person who values functionality, and likes to keep his things organized. He preserves good quality chef knives, his bike is equipped with a cycling kit and raincoat to keep him prepared, and he prefers slim and long-lasting wallets such as Pioneer’s. To Lucky, having good quality stuff is always worth the price, but not to forget to utilize it accordingly and to its best outcome.

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